Welcome to Fountain Valley Lodge #191

What we are about


Truth is a cardinal virtue and it’s one of the basic tenets of Masonry. We strive to be true to ourselves, to our families and our community. We’ve been speaking truth to power since the middle ages and have been part of some major shifts in the world, like the American Revolution. It’s also resulted in us being persecuted by the likes of the Nazi’s and the Soviets. We live as quiet and peaceable citizens in the countries where we live but we are true to our beliefs.


Masons are dedicated to the cause of education whether it’s themselves and their families, their community or the world around us. We were one of the primary catalysts for the cause of free public education for all and we continue to champion that cause. The child you help to educate isn’t just improving their future, they are improving yours. The doctor who cures cancer may very well be in elementary school right now.


Charity is one of the ancient charges of freemasonry and is one of the basic tenants of the fraternity. Masonic charities include the Shriners Hospitals, the Scottish Rite hearing clinics as well as numerous scholarships at both the local and national level. Masons support charities with upwards of a million dollars a DAY in addition to countless volunteer hours. Although we are not specifically a charity, our supported causes are among the most successful and efficient in the world.